9 Things to Check Before Engaging any Tradie…

Getting a tradie to your house can be a daunting experience, especially when you have limited understanding of the industry and what is involved.



By Luke Tuckwell - Director


Use this checklist before getting a contractor to your house to ensure a professional job is undertaken and that you’re getting what you paid for, not headaches at the other end…


1. Responsiveness


A tradie who cares about their work will care about you. This means...

  • They get back to you promptly.
  • They are polite and helpful.
  • They listen and actually know the solution you need.
  • They are transparent with their pricing.
  • They treat you like a human, not as an inconvenience.

Communication from the tradie is key. It will give you confidence that the work will be completed correctly and that they understand the job at hand.



2. Insurances


A tradie should always have the relevant insurances for the services they provide. These insurances include cover for public liability and workers’ compensation along with the non-compulsory, yet essential insurances to cover any potential damage to your property.

In the event something goes wrong and there is no cover, be aware that it could void your own home insurance policy. It is always wise to undertake some due diligence and only engage a tradie once you are confident they have the right cover.


If you’re unconvinced that a tradie has the correct insurances, ask them to provide certificates of currency with their quote.



3. Licences


Any tradie must hold a contractor licence to perform work related to their trade. By law, it must be displayed on all stationery, signage and advertising belonging to them.


If they refuse to provide their contractors licence, do not engage their services.


If a contractor performs unlicensed work, they are breaking the law and you will have little re-course if things go belly-up.


Sure they might be cheaper, but at what cost will it be if you’re left with something worse than what you started with?



4. Relevant Experience


Have they done a job like yours before? Was it of similar scale? What do they see as the key to correctly solving the problem you have? Do they sound confident in their advice?


Trust you gut, but if you’re still unsure, ask them to provide examples of similar projects and referrals from previous clients.





5. Photos of previous work


It’s all well and good for a tradie to say they’ve done “plenty of jobs like this before”. But how do you know for certain?


Request a few snaps of their handiwork. There should be no excuses for them not being able to provide these. It can also give an indication if they take pride in their work.


Be sure to confirm the extent of works they completed in the photos provided. A picture of a brand new home is great, but they may have only built the fence out the front!



6. Referral


Nothing gives peace of mind like a word-of-mouth reference from someone you trust, who has engaged the tradie before.



7. Price


If it seems too cheap to be true — it is.



8. Clarity


Can the tradie explain the work they will be performing and why it is necessary? Ensure you get an expected timeframe for the job so you’re able to appreciate the extent of what is involved.


If you’re still unclear, ask them to provide a sketch or diagram of how the works will be performed.



9. Deposit


A tradie is entitled to ask for a deposit, it provides some security for them prior to starting the work.


Although ensure it is a reasonable amount to only begin the works. It should not be so sizeable that they deem it unnecessary to complete the works (if you get what I mean).